Summer Events

From a Drink to a Festival! Greek traditions at its best

Saint Spyridon's Day

People of Corfu, honor Saint Spyridon who is the guardian of Corfu island, with greatness. Many times during the year they have processions to honor the saint. In the summer, on August 11th, the island celebrates the salvation of the island from the siege of the Turks in 1716. The story tells that people in Corfu, while being occupied by the Turks, were praying to Saint Spyridon’s church all together. Then, on August 9th 1716, a great storm started in the island, destroying the Turks camp and made them leave the island. From 1716 and every year since, Saint Spyridon’s grace is celebrated on August 11th. There are more times that the Guardian Saint of Corfu is celebrated, but they are on December 12, and on Holy Saturday. The church safeguards the body of the Saint. In Mathraki island, we celebrate Saint Spyridon on the 13th of July. After the church, there is a festival with traditional music to dance and plenty of delicious food!

Assumption of Mary

The feast of The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven, informally known as The Assumption, is celebrated in the summer, on August 15 and is a public holiday in many countries. It is also a day with huge meaning for Greek Orthodox people, that’s why it is celebrated with greatness. In Mathraki Island, residents attend church as part of the celebration and after the church a festival is held with plenty of Greek traditional dancing and plenty of Traditional food.