Mathraki island is located 4 nautical miles from cape Arrilas in Corfu island.

Mathraki is the Southest and smallest in extend (3.1 Km) of the three "Diapontia" Greek islands (Othonoi, Erikousa, Mathraki). Its population is of 100 people and the highest point is 161m in "Merovigli". The infinite coast "Portelo" - which covers the biggest part of the NE side of the island - is of great admiration due to the great beach and clear shallow sea, which is accessible and friendly to all visitors of all ages. There is public sea transportation available from Corfu island, but we also have our own boats in case you require private transport. When you reach Mathraki island, our premises are located in Ano Panta. If you need us to come and pick you up from Mathraki harbour, let us know in advance! We will be happy to do so.
Below you will find all the available transportation services to Corfu and Mathraki.

From the airport

  • Quite a lot of Airlines have flights to Corfu island, mostly in the summer season.
  • If, for example, you are flying from Gatwick International Airport, your flight takes approx. 3 hrs to land to Corfu island.
  • The name of Corfu Airport is International Airport Ioannis Kapodistrias(CFU), and is located 3 kilometres south of Corfu Town.
  • When you land, there are three ways you can come to Mathraki island:
  • Take a Taxi or Bus to Agios Stefanos Port or
  • Take a Taxi or Bus to Corfu City Port

From Corfu City Port

  • Car ferry Alexandros II or Alex II leaves Corfu City new Port.
  • Duration approx. 3hrs, Ticket cost: 10€
  • To Mathraki and the other Diapontian islands, the Boat runs every Tuesdays and Thursdays at 07:00, Friday at 16:00 and Sundays 09:00.
  • The Boat returns to Corfu City every Tuesday and Thursday at 13:00, Saturday at 09:00 and Sunday at 17:00. Contact us for an updated schedule.
  • You can bring your Car as well to Mathraki, but we suggest that you don't. All destinations in Mathraki are within a few minutes walk. Longest destination 5km (1 hour walking).
  • Boat Contact Details : 0030 26610 26314

Agios Stefanos Port

  • Passenger and small cargos packet boat “Pegasos” (No cars)
  • Duration approx. 45min, Ticket cost: 5€
  • To Mathraki island, the Boat runs every Monday and Friday at 10:45.
  • The Boat returns to Agios Stefanos every Monday and Friday at 14:30. Contact us for an updated schedule.
  • Boat Contact Details: - 0030 26613 65200 -